Kelly Ripa Talking About iPhone Sizes And Dick Sizes On Her Show

I’m not sure how to react here. Either I’m upset that Kelly Ripa is underwhelmed by 5.5 inches, or I’m just excited that she’s confident she can take on ten inches. On the one hand thats like a direct shot to my real life dick. On the other hand in fantasy world I can imagine Kelly putting on the performance of a lifetime with her “purse.”

Either way its awesome to listen to Kelly Ripa talk about dicks and stuff. She’s a sexy little minx and judging by the double entendres here in this segment I think its safe to say she loves the D. Anything less than a daily dose of that iPhone 6 and Kelly Ripa aint happy.

PS – I really think she could take on ten inches. Thats like 1/4th her entire body but I bet she can do it. Strahan knows: