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Britney Amber Wants YOU To Rush Pi Kappa Alpha At Long Beach State

I haven't thought about Long Beach State since Casper Ware and the 2012 Long Beach State 49ers broke my heart in the NCAA Tournament. 

A great reminder of their existence comes via Britney Amber, who wants all the freshman throughout LBSU to rush Pi Kappa Alpha. Talk about a great recruiting tactic. To be honest, if I was a low tier college football coach, I'd start having Britney Amber record these videos for recruits. There definitely isn't a rule againt that yet in the NCAA rule book. No way they've accounted for shoutouts from porn stars. 

This was a masterful job of acting by Britney, which I'm not surprised by in the slightest of course. The way she nails "Brother Christian?" Perfect. I'll never not laugh that fraternity members call each other brothers. Not in a disrespect to them, but more in the ridiculousness of it. I wish I could call my friends from college "brother ____."