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What Did You Do This Weekend? Because The Biebs Was Laying Pipe On Selena In Chris Brown's RV



DM – Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber enjoyed a romantic getaway to Santa Cruz at the weekend. The duo, who first prompted rumours of a reconciliation last week, took a short break together in Northern California where they were spotted first at a beach resort and later camping in Chris Brown’s luxury RV. The attractive pair zoomed along the sun-filled streets of the celebrity enclave as Bieber, ever the showman, flaunted his skills on the motorised vehicle.

I love all the Bieber haters who refuse to acknowledge his rightful place on the throne of greatness. Like talk all the shit you want about this cat, but here are the facts. He once got smuggled out of a Brazilian whorehouse in blanket. He graffiti’s his name on walls in countries where graffiti is penalized by death. He once told a fat chick she looked like a beached whale and made her cry and then promptly started doing pushups in front of a hot chick. He once stormed a DJ booth in Korea and started throwing haymakers because they wouldn’t play hiphop. He got carried to the top of the Great Wall of China on people’s shoulders like a greek god. And on and on the list goes.

But you know what Bieber’s greatest accomplishment is? That despite openly fucking legit whores he can still snap his fingers and Selena will come running with her VJ leaking all over the joint just thinking about getting stuffed by the Biebs. That’s true power. When you can be the biggest asshole on the planet and still bang your ex who is blazing hot. And I guarantee you he didn’t even ask to borrow Chris Brown’s RV either. He just took it and laid pipe because that’s what the Biebs does. Savage.