Dude Impersonates His Dead Twin For 20 Years To Get $500,000 In Welfare Money


NY Post – A Queens garbage man impersonated his dead twin brother — even renting out two apartments and pawning himself off as his tragic sibling at one of the addresses — in an elaborate welfare scam that netted him more than half-a-million dollars, authorities said Tuesday. City Sanitation worker Thomas Murphy’s twin, Robert, died a day after their birth in March 1962, officials said. But decades later his greedy sibling allegedly concocted a twisted scheme in which he used Robert’s identity to bilk the government out of $581,805.80, authorities said Tuesday. The fraud went on for 20 years until Murphy was done in by facial-recognition technology at the state Department of Motor Vehicles — which picked up on the fact that Thomas’ face was also on the license he got in Robert’s name, authorities said. “It sounds like a novel, doesn’t it?’’ said Kevin Ryan, a spokesman for the Queens District Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting Murphy. Another source added, “It’s amazing, and a little bit morbid.’’ Nothing was too low for Murphy, now 52, in his quest for money, authorities said Posing as Robert, Thomas Murphy allegedly claimed he suffered from depression and qualified for Social Security disability benefits in his brother’s name. Thomas Murphy also received government housing subsidies and food stamps, again as Robert — even using some of the illicit dough to rent a separate apartment in Rockaway Park and introducing himself to neighbors as “Robert Murphy,’’ said officials and local residents. “I had no idea he was cheating the system. He went by ‘Robert,’ ” said his former landlord on Beach 119th Street, who asked not to be identified.“Not once did he ever mention having a brother.

Snake it til you fucking make it. I’m not even kidding when I say this shouldnt even be a crime. Anything with your twin should be fair game. Thats practically you. You’re like the same exact thing. Came from the same nut means you’re entitled to like all his shit even if he kicks the bucket. Sucks that he didn’t make it. Probably should have absorbed him Dwight Schrute style before you guys came popping out. But you both came out and now you’re only like half a person because your weakling twin stole half off all the other DNA and shit. You should be able to cash his welfare checks for a couple decades in exchange.

Bottom line is this is almost a brother’s duty. Keep the legacy of your dead ass twin alive. I’d be flat out offended if my brother didn’t try this. Its not offensive if he’s your dead brother.