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"I Put My Foot In My Mouth A Lot Last Year" ....Did Baker Mayfield Just Take A Foot Fetish Shot At Rex Ryan Right Under His Nose?

Alright so the whole internet is gushing over the fact that Baker Mayfield suddenly gained some humility and had a really good interview this morning about how he is going to stop answering every single critic that comes his way. It appears to the outsider looking in that he and Rex Ryan have finally settled their beef. And while I'm glad he took the high road and seems to be focused on winning and not talking, I must admit that I'm slightly disappointed that he didn't come in guns blazing, firing shots left and right. I'm sure I would've bitched about it if he did, but it's still always exciting. And I really did expect it. I thought there was no way that he would humble himself in front of Rex Ryan and the entire. But that's exactly what the entire sports media industry thinks he did......except me.

Hold on.......I spy a foot fetish joke. Could it be?

It is!!! That is a foot fetish joke!!!! Cause remember? Rex Ryan likes feet!

Rex Ryan would love nothing more than to put a foot in his mouth!!! Well played, Baker. Someone needs to tell the mainstream media and fools over at ESPN like Greeny that Baker should not be being applauded for being humble, he should be being applauded for sneaking a Rex Ryan foot joke past the entire world.

You cannot convince me that this was a coincidence. 0.00% chance. Baker has been preparing this for a long time. He knew it was him vs. Rex. This was a calculated move and I love it. I know I wanted him to shut up and focus on himself, but this is too good. Baker is back baby!!!!