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Greg Olsen And Cam Newton Drunkenly Talking About The Love They Have For One Another Is Just Awesome

It's the end of an era in Carolina, as Greg Olsen and the Panthers have officially parted ways after nine seasons. That was cause for a celebration down in Miami which meant Olsen, Cam, and others got hammered at Prime 112, drinking all of the red wine they could get their hands on. TMZ tracked them down after the dinner and both guys were clearly feeling it a little bit. Cam went right up to the TMZ cameras and got emotional talking about his long time tight end. You have to respect the love these two have for each other. I will sat it was a tad insulting he didn't including Kittle in that group of tight ends, but I'll let it slide on account of the vino. 

I just respect Greg Olsen so much. Third Leg Greg is of the best dudes in all of sports, on and off the field. He seems like a guy who is good at literally everything he tries his hand at. When he went in the FOX booth for his tryout as an announcer he was flawless. Obviously he's amongst the OG Barstool athletes as well which puts him over the top. Flash back to his kickball tournament, one of my favorites videos back in the day. 

Why do I get this feeling Brady is going to be throwing passes to him in Foxboro next season? Seems like a guy Brady could use in the red zone.