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Do People Still Consider the Colts vs. Patriots A Rivalry Game?



I’ve seen a lot of talk the last couple days about the renewal of the great Patriots vs. Colts rivalry. I have a question. People don’t still think the Colts are our rival do they? That died the second Peyton Manning got run out of town. That died the second Jim Irsay started chirping that Peyton couldn’t win a big game. All my hate, all my anger I had towards Indy has always been directed towards Peyton. That fire still burns today. I hate the Manning family with the white hot heat of 1000 suns, but Indy doesn’t have 1 player who I despise. In fact as far as opposing players go I actually kind of like Andrew Luck.  And I still have a soft spot for Vinitieri.   The bottomline is that the Colts are just another team we have to squash on the way to the Superbowl. They are nowhere near as high on my hate scale as the Broncos and Ravens. Those are teams I truly despise. The Colts are just kind of there.