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Your Official Sons Of Anarchy Death Pool

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The final season of Sons of Anarchy premieres tonight, and its guaranteed to be a bloodbath. As we learned from the Season 6 finale, absolutely nobody is safe. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if Kurt Sutter just killed every single fucking person on the show. Only person who survives is fucking Unser because hes like a goddam cockroach that cant be killed.

The way this pool is going to work is based on correctly picking the first AND last person to die. So there will most likely be a lot of people who correctly pick the first person to bite the dust, and the tiebreaker will be if you then guess the last person to die this season.

I’m still deciding on who my pick is for first person dead – there are 2 main choices in my eyes, but you know that story line will be dragged out a bit. All I know is Jaxon Teller is 100% sheets at the end of this season. No way he makes it out alive. He’s the mortal lock for last person dead on this show.

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PS – Lemme know if I missed anybody or if someone on there is already dead. I cant remember everything that happened. I’ll add new characters as they pop up.