Does This Look Like Misty The Pit Bull Who Was Returned To A Shelter By Her Piece Of Shit Owners Who Said She Farted Too Much?

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Huffington Post- This pit bull got a lucky break: unlike so many other block-headed pups, Misty was adopted out of a high kill shelter in South Carolina. Then Misty was returned — because she “passes too much gas,” according to a heartbreaking Facebook post put up in late June by the Greenville County Pet Rescue. Misty’s story — which inexorably leads one to the conclusion that people can really, really be the worst — was first shared on, prompting outrage and more than one offer to buy sensitive tummy food for the dog. Misty went on the shelter’s “urgent” list, meaning that the year-old doggie, who is friendly and good with other pets, would be euthanized if no one new were to bring her home. Luckily, we can heave a collective “phew”: Susan Bufano, a shelter spokesperson, told HuffPost by email that Misty will soon be in the care of people who know to expect a little flatulence, and a lot of love. “We are still evaluating her and have a foster for her,” said Bufano. “We anticipate finding her a home.”

People are the WORST.  Returning a dog to the shelter because she farts too much is fucking bush league.  Bottom of the barrel type of stuff.  If this world was at all fair we’d throw these scum bags in jail.  Try out a different brand of food or something.  Or live with it.  How much could the dog really have been farting?  You don’t throw up your hands, give up and ship Misty back to the shelter.  That’s the cowards way out.  In the article it says the dog went on the urgent list after being returned which means it’d be euthanized within in a year if nobody fostered her.  The previous owners deserve to be euthanized, not Misty.  Turn the tables a bit.  If dogs could return owners who farted too much how many do you think would do it?  None because dogs are the best but they’d at least have a case to.  I have a dog and I rip ass around her all the time.  You know what she does?  Turns her head in a super cute way and then we go back to cuddling for hours.  It’s the best.  Because dogs don’t care, all they want to do is hang out and be loved.  I’m glad the article need with Misty finding a new home.