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Tony Finau With An Awesome Kobe Tribute At The 17th Hole Of The Waste Management Open

MBig mouthful (shoutout Bangros) of a headline there but really all facts are critical. The 17th hole of the waste management isn’t just legendary in golf but across sports. One of the craziest atmospheres filled with hard charging red blooded Americans. Excuse me for loving that shit and excuse me for loving this love from Tony, one of the words best ball strikers. Big Kobe fan apparently and great opportunity to fire up the crowd on behalf of an all time legend. Also worth noting that it’s such a ballsy move because if you miss the green after putting on a Kobe jersey, I think you get booed off the tour. Would have been worse than the time he broke his ankle at the par 3 contest but before he got the top 10. Would have been just like that.

Tony. Get a beef. 

Edit - a lot of people are in the comments

OH CARL IT'S 16 you dumbass !!!!! 

hey listen fuck sticks take it up with one of the full time golfers on payroll around here. I'm a peoples blogger. Always have been. I'd probably make 8 on this hole anyways so shut the fuck up