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How I Feel Every Season Right Before The Jets Kick Off



Welp here we are again. Week 1 about to kick off and I’ve got all those same feelings. Excited for football to be back, terrified for what it has in store for me. There’s no roller coaster quite like the Jets roller coaster. Week to week the emotional highs and lows are enough to kill a man.

I’m very much looking forward to watching the D Line in action. Much like the Mets pitching staff the Jets front 7 is top notch, can’t miss stuff.  But as exciting as they’re gonna be, I know the secondary is going to give me a fucking heart attack on a weekly basis. I’m excited to watch a pretty beastly running game and some new offensive weapons but I know there are going to be growing pains with Geno. I don’t have to watch stone hands Stephen Hill anymore but Kyle Wilson is still looming. Bottom line is its a very exciting and scary day for Jets nation. Obviously I wish we were the type of team that could just pencil in 12 or 13 wins a year but I honestly cant imagine life any other way. Every single week is just a spin of the roulette wheel. Every Sunday decides whether Monday is going to be awesome or atrocious. I’m so excited…I’m so scared.