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How About This Dude Who Had No Idea Derek Jeter Was Retiring?


A Stoolie hit me with this on Twitter and I gotta say, I am shocked. Obviously we all know about this because you are reading a sports site, but this is everywhere. If you watched SportsCenter even once, you know two things.  LeBron is going home and Jeter is retiring. To top is all off, Cracks is from NY. Have you not called home or visited at all?

In all honesty I kind of understand it, because I have no clue anything about Gaza, besides an old coworker of mine named his wifi hotspot “Gaza Strip Club” and that was funny. This isn’t a joke at all, I have ZERO CLUE whats happening there, but they don’t cover it on ESPN. They do however cover Jeter everywhere and you have to have bumped into it earlier.

My conclusion is that this dude is so baked out in Cali that he doesn’t have any short term memory left, or he earned his nickname by smoking crack. Either way, I’m sure KFC would sign up for this life to avoid Jeter news.

h/t Paul

KFC Editors Note: “Cut that shit outta my life. I dont watch TV anymore. California Livin” is one of my favorite quotes ever. To be so carefree you have no knowledge of the most talked about sports story line for the past 6 months is just incredible.