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Does This Look Like the Face of A Monmouth Racetrack Teller Arrested For Stuffing Betting Tickets Down The Front Of Female Patrons Shirts?



FREEHOLDA 65-year-old betting teller at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport pleaded guilty to two counts criminal sexual contact after authorities accused him of groping women, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. The first charge stemmed from a July 13 incident that occurred in the racetrack’s picnic area, the prosecutor’s office said. Bork was accused of placing betting vouchers down the front of female patrons’ shirts.

MY FAVORITE DUDE EVER.  I just have an image of him taking bets from chicks and then shoving the tickets down the front of their shirts and saying good luck. Such a tracky thing to do. And who are these prudes at Monmouth complaining? I guarantee you they ain’t no hot ticket. Just roll with it for Christ Sakes. Unless it’s Haskell Day. Then you probably got all the fancy Jersey Shore types. But any other day it’s got to be some ugly60 year old looking broads so they should just shut up and be happy they got to 2nd base at the track.

PS – Manzo.  If ever a Barstool story made me miss Manzo this one was it.