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Andy Reid Bringing In Donovan McNabb To Talk To The Chiefs Before The Super Bowl Is An All-Time Scare Tactic

And just like that, Kansas City -1.5 became the biggest lock of the millennium. 

You know how they bring troubled youths into jail to have some prisoners scare them straight? Well that, my friends, is what we've got going on here. Because if you have to sit there and listen to Donovan McNabb talking to you about the Super Bowl, your only reaction should be "holy shit I do not want to end up like that poor son of a bitch". 

Donovan McNabb was a great quarterback in the NFL. He wasn't just pretty good, he was great. But what is McNabb's legacy? What does your mind immediately go to the moment that McNabb gets brought up in conversation? Puking during the Super Bowl and still fighting with TO all these years later. The man led the NFL in wins from 2000-2004. That's right during the start of the Patriots' dynasty, and McNabb had the most amount of wins as a quarterback during that span. He was great. And because of that Super Bowl, he's mostly remembered as a joke. 

Fear is one of the best motivators known to man. Maybe not for long term motivation but certainly for immediate motivation. You can get people to do extraordinary things if you just scare the everliving shit out of them. So Andy Reid, being the tactical genius he is, just made sure that nobody on this Kansas City Chiefs team will ever have to live with being the guy who threw up during the Super Bowl and is still in a petty dick measuring contest with a diva wide receiver 16 years later. Genius. 

Roll Chiefs.