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Wake Up With Every Bud Bowl Ever

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I know it doesn't feel like it after a crazy few days, but Super Bowl Weekend is officially here. You and every other warm blooded American has a license to eat, drink, and be merry (even during commercial breaks) because a bunch of heroes created the NFL 100 years ago.

So we are kicking off this beautiful unofficial holiday weekend by burning off an hour or so of our Friday morning and reliving (or the younger Stoolies living for the first time) the ELECTRIC Bud Bowls, which were not only a genius ad campaign by the people at Anheuser-Busch but a goddamn event that was a game within a game back when the Super Bowl Big Game usually ended in a blowout. There were years where I was more excited watching a bunch of fictional beers play a game in commercials than I was watching real life football players play a game for the championship of a sport.

You had legends of the gridiron like Budway Joe squaring off with Billy and Bobby Bud

Not to mention the motherfucking FREEZER

Technological innovations welllll ahead of their time and the NFL like the Helmet Cam

A young Swami giving the updates

And twist endings that left millions of people shocked and awed at their Super Bowl parties.

I feel like there might have been more Bud Bowls pumped somewhat recently but I couldn't find them so the 9 in that playlist will have to do. Happy Super Bowl Weekend everybody! Can't wait to kick things off with Rough N Rowdy tonight.