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I Can't Quit the Nashville Predators

So after all the bullshit that has gone on for the better part of the last four months, the Nashville Predators are two points out of a playoff spot with two games in hand and a massive showdown against Vegas on Saturday.

I wish I was able to quit them. They are the most frustrating, ridiculous, lovable bunch of assholes this side of the Mississippi. Pete Blackburn put it perfectly last night when he compared the Preds to Jameis Winston.

These guys have the talent to be a legitimate Stanley Cup contender and at times have looked like they've never played hockey before.

But, once again, Nashville just found a way to escape with a win last night. On the heels of winning in Washington while spotting the best team in the NHL two goals, the Preds scored five goals to force OT in New Jersey and took care of business in the shootout.

So in what probably should have been two losses in two days, Nashville instead heads back home with four points and finds itself on the precipice of the playoffs.

Saturday's game against Vegas at home is certainly the biggest of the season so far. If the Predators can find a way to win their third straight, things will be looking up for really the first time this season.

And Colton Sissons returned Thursday against New Jersey, so Nashville has another key forward back in the mix. If Ryan Ellis ever comes back and can help Roman Josi teach the rest of the defensemen what they're supposed to be doing, we might have something cooking.

I fully expect the rest of this season to be a wacky, up-and-down thrill ride full of the most ridiculous things anyone has ever seen in a hockey rink. And I'm very much looking forward to it.