European Basketball Coach Graciously Accepts Loss - Just Kidding, He Sneaks Up On An Opposing Player And Karate Kicks Him

You could convince me this was a CYO game based on the arena here. You have the baskets to the side - a staple of any church gym growing up. You probably have a stage on one baseline that's a bit too close to the floor and someone 100% went flying into there. You have 18 people in the crowd - mostly parents, siblings and the younger teams waiting to play. That's part of what makes European basketball beautiful. You never know what you're going to see. 

Just take this clip. 2nd league Austrian basketball. Is that a thing? You betcha. And it's highly competitive. Just look at that losing coach. You don't think he's prepared to put his blood, sweat and tears into this thing? You don't just come into his house and get a win without the fear of getting karate kicked to the ground the moment the buzzer sounds. 

I do have to bring this up though. Why is there no reaction from his teammates? Obviously the 1 security guard waddling out there isn't going to do anything. But usually when something like this happens you have the crazy ass teammate coming in with a high knee. I'm starting to wonder if the player deserved it. Is he an asshole? You can't just be letting coaches kick your teammate.