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Wednesday Afternoon MailTime: The Fappening And Patches

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One of the biggest episodes we’ve had in a while with The Fappening, the new Saved By The Bell episode and the Derek Jeter Farewell Patch. Because if there’s three things that gets your boy KFC goin, its naked chicks, 90s nostalgia, and the Yankees embarrassing themselves. Complete with a dramatic Fappening intro and a Derek Jeter conclusion that may have taken a couple years off my life, its a real passionate episode of MailTime to get you through Wednesday afternoon. We flesh out the most likely candidates to be Spooky Ghost (Sidenote: Did Barstool just make up Spooky Ghost? Literally no other website is talking about that name. That could either be because we’re the only ones covering it extensively or because Dave made it up), the Verlander backlash, the public acting all high and mighty in the wake of this event, and all sorts of other stuff about internet nerds jerking off to naked celebrities. Big time episode, press play now.

PS – I know I sound like a broken record to everyone who’s kept up with every episode, blog post and tweet, but you’d be astounded by how many tweets I still get asking me what the deal is with the app, so once again let me just clarify here: We’re switching podcast hosts right now, joining up with Podcast One. Since Podcast One is now selling our product and not our former host, that original host is now jacking up our fees to an outrageous level. Our downloads have reached a point where if we get charged by the amount of data its thousands of dollars a month. That original host is still involved with the app, so right now in order to slow down some of those downloads and keep costs down while we transition, we locked all the eps.

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