Get Your Popcorn Ready For Baker Mayfield Vs. Rex Ryan Tomorrow Morning

Oh this should be good. Get your popcorn ready...

So for those of you that forget the history behind it, Rex Ryan called Baker "overrated as hell" earlier this year. Baker then responded by saying that "If you don't wear Orange and Brown, then you don't matter." And then Rex showed up to NFL Sunday Countdown wearing this:

1-0 Rex. Well, actually 2-0. He was right that Baker is overrated as hell, too. I mean, what else can you say? He was the #1 overall pick, is surrounded with some of the league's most talented weapons, and went 6-10 this year. Until further notice, Baker Mayfield is overrated.

.......but he also would NEVER admit that. Never in a million years will you hear anything but Baker being cocky and confident. Even 6-10 and being the QB of the laughing stock of the league won't do it. The man ALWAYS has a chip on his shoulder. And I love it (if we were winning), but you just gotta know that now is the time to stay off TV. Now is the time to work. But I can already see it.....tomorrow Baker will say something that will become front page news. Is he gonna blame Freddie Kitchens? Is he going to guarantee a Super Bowl? I don't know. I don't know what he's going to do. But I know that he's not going to go on there and apologize. Or admit fault. Or keep his mouth shut.


Baker, my advice for tomorrow: JUST SHUT UP. Don't go! Call in sick!

I get that he's an NFL quarterback and it's his right to go on any show he wants, especially during Super Bowl Week. But the fact of the matter is that Baker doesn't deserve the media attention he gets. Why does he have all these commercials? Why is he going on ESPN? Those are rhetorical questions. I already know the answer. It's because his mouth has been bigger than his play. It wasn't that way in college....they were the same size in college. But now, we have the cockiest 6-10 QB in league history. At some point that's going to wear off, isn't it? Johnny was must see TV, too. Now no one cares...

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure this blog seems really really negative. But I really really do like Baker. If he wins, he will be the King of all Kings in Cleveland. There's no one I'd rather win with than Baker Mayfield. But, you know, he's gotta win first....