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We Need This Announcer - Doing His Best Gus Johnson On This Game-Winner - Calling NCAA Tournament Games Immediately

Do I know this announcer's name? Nope. Am I just going to refer to him as Gus Johnson Jr.? Yep. Is this a blog to remind all of us how great times were with Gus Johnson calling NCAA Tournament games? Sure is. But this is also a ridiculous game-winner from Pace. But this is all about the announcer. You need to be ready to make a call like this if you're an announcer. You can't just be boring. You need something that gives energy. You have to hit the perfect scream. You have to have the perfect exaggeration about what just happened. You have to sound like this. 

I can't stress how much of a crime it is that we don't have Gus in March anymore. We obviously can have guys do multiple network contracts. Hell, Raftery does CBS and FOX. It should be a requirement that Gus and Raft calls games together in March until the Final Four. I don't even care that Raft has to call games with Grant Hill and Jim Nantz. Give the people what they want and that's Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery. 

Hell of a shot. Hell of a call. Get this guy. Get Gus. Let's have a March.