#11: This Price is Right Video Has To Be The Lowest Point In the History of Midgets Right?



So Big Cat posted this video yesterday along with that story about the US Postal worker who got busted for fraud disability when she was spotting spinning the big wheel on the Price is Right. Well I just had to chime in on this video. This has to be an absolute low point in the history of midget’s right? I mean fucking midgets just can’t catch a break. It would have been too easy for this wheel to cooperate and go around just once. Too easy. But nope. For the first time I think in the history of the Price is Right somebody couldn’t spin the wheel. I swear I’ve seen cripples get that thing around once before. But not this poor little midget who is just trying her darnedest to prove she’s a real person. Not even close. She even apologizes to Drew for it. And the worst part is even though this is so heartbreaking and so awkward it’s also undeniably hilarious. That’s the curse of being a midget. No matter what they do or how bad it gets they never get to play the sympathy card because they’re so damn midgety.