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#27: Ho Hum….Just A Giant Snake Opening A Door


I’M SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THESE MOTHERFUCKIN’ SNAKES OPENING THESE MOTHERFUCKING DOORS!!!   Listen I don’t care if this is staged. Don’t care if that wasn’t a real snake. Don’t care if it was alive. Don’t care if this never even happened. Don’t care. Because once snakes start opening doors and passing the word along to other snakes it’s lights out for civilization.  I’m talking King Cobras, Pythons and garden snakes just choking you out in the middle of the night.  Slithering all up in your shit.   It’s like Planet of the Apes only a billion times snakier.  And you know who else needs to be murdered?  The guy who said “Good Job” to this snake.  Encouraging him and shit.    He’s worse than the fucking snake.  Whose side are you on bro?  Don’t cry to me when you get eaten.  Snakes are like cats in that regard.  They’ll be your best friend till they murder you.