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Nick Bonino Scores a Sick Goal ... In His Own Net

It would take something truly extraordinary to be the most embarrassing moment of this season for the Nashville Predators, who have royally shit the bed in every sense of the phrase.

And yet, Nick Bonino found a way to do the extraordinary.

I don't know that I've ever seen someone score on his own net with the goalie perfectly in position. I've seen 6-on-5 opportunities go wrong and things like that, but he literally just shoots under his own goalie's pad. Nobody from Washington touched the puck; Bonino just made a sick shot on his own goal to give the Capitals a gift.

The cruelest part is that's probably one of the three or four best shots the Preds have had this season — it just happened to come in the wrong net. Just the way the 2019-20 season was destined to go, I suppose.

Whatever. It's almost spring training.