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#86: Hardo Move By The Marshall Strength Coaches



Youtube - Marshall Football Strength Coaches, Joseph Miday and Scott Wilks, about ready to pump up the TEAM before their home game against Tulsa. This time Coach Wilks ignites the paddle with a fireball from his mouth and destroys it over Coach Miday’s back.


Before we rate this I think we got to decide whether we are rating this on a strength coach scale or a normal person scale. Because for a normal person this is obviously a 10. But football strength coaches are lunatics. By definition they start at 10’s on the hardo scale. Like igniting a paddle with a fireball from you mouth and then breaking it over the other guy’s back and spiking it is just kind of just par for the course for these guys. So I’ll give this a 7 on the strength coach hardo scale.


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