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The NBA's Reasoning For Not Changing Their Logo To Kobe Doesn't Make Much Sense

By now we've all heard about this petition to officially change the NBA logo to some form of Kobe silhouette, and honestly it makes no difference to me. Maybe part of it had to do with how emotional people have been since the tragedy, and while it may seem over the top, I can understand the tribute. It's not like Jerry West was the GOAT or anything like that in the first place and there's no reason the version of Kobe dribbling is all that different from what we currently have. In fact the dude that made the logo admitted he looked to West when he came up with it.

But the league has come out and pretty much squashed this idea, and while I have no problem with them saying no the same way I wouldn't have had a problem if they made the change, it's the reasoning that is a little confusing to me

The NBA has never expressed any interest in that change. Again, it has nothing to do with Jordan. It has to do with picking anyone. 

Sources familiar with the league’s thinking said there is no interest in having an individual player as its logo because there are so many who have been instrumental in the growth of the game and the NBA. Generic is better.

I mean every single living breathing human knows the NBA logo is Jerry West. That's like the first piece of NBA trivia you learn growing up. The fact that they won't admit it when the dude who made it already spilled the beans is an odd choice in my opinion. Once you have a logo based off an individual player it's a little silly to say you don't want to change the logo because it would be of an individual player.  

Of course this is what they have to say in an effort to try and find a respectful way to decline the suggestion. I still think the league will do something in time to honor the legend of Kobe, and while that may not be officially retiring his 24/8, my guess is something will eventually happen down the road. 

You just can't tell me that this change would be all that big a deal whether it's "generic" or not. Shit, why not get nuts and have a rotating logo every 15 years or something as time goes on and more and more influential players come through the league. The NBA prides itself on being progressive, so figure it out.