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One Clip That Displays The Reason Every Employee Loves Working At Barstool

When different organizations come calling at the end of contracts or after a big interview, this is the reason I'll never leave. Once you're one of the squad, you're one of the squad. 

Portnoy gets shit on a lot. Sometimes it's deserved and sometimes it's not. Loyalty still means something to me and there is no doubt that the people at the top of this company are loyal to the people at the bottom of it. Since the first day I got here, and I'm employee number 21, it's always been a we or an us. That type of loyalty gives you the freedom to create, take risks, and want to build towards the future. That future is bright here and I couldn't be happier to be a small part of it. 

No other sports company in the world gives the platform and ability to create content like Barstool does. There's no real editing. No clearing subjects with supervisors. Once you have the trust, you have it and you value it. In my professional life, there's nothing more valuable than creative freedom except for Dave Portony's checking account. Seems like he's pretty rich now, though, so that's ok. 

I've also learned that when the tide is high on a subject that people care about, you blog it. Clicks are clicks and I gotta get mine too. After all, the end of the year review is just around the corner and daddy needs a new Big Green Egg.