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This 14-Year-Old From the Jr. Predators Could Probably Be the Preds' Best Player

Holy hell, this kid is disgusting.

Apparently, we have a lot better stuff going on at the Jr. Predators academy than we do with the actual team. John Hynes needs to bring this kid in to show some of our forwards how to score.

This is unfortunately probably the second-best thing someone in a Preds uniform has done on the ice this season, behind only Pekka Rinne's historic and beautiful goal.

Now I will say, that first one's a little on the goalie. The puck is past him and he hasn't even moved yet. Takes a little bit away from that one, although it still looks awesome.

But this one?!

That poor goalie had no chance. That is a ridiculous move. Some people in the replies are actually complaining because that's technically illegal in a shootout and those people can fuck right off. This kid is a damn star and he's giving the people what they want.

The Preds' front office needs to figure out a way to retain this kid's rights. Hell, call him up right now; it can't get any worse.