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Jerome Boateng Punches Leon Goretzka In The Face As Tensions Boil Over At Bayern Munich Training

This is just classic soccer practice, to be honest. Someone puts in a hard tackle and there are a bit of handbags* immediately following. There isn't a video of the challenge from Leon Goretzka out right now but if the reports are true that he just blatantly fouled Jerome Boateng off-ball then yeah, he probably deserved a punch to the face. Lewandowski was quick to jump in and break it up.

I will say though, the picture of the punch is not a great look for Boateng. It just looks like he couldn't decide between a slap or a punch so he hit him with the classic palm to the face. 

*handbags just means pointless arguing, maybe some slight pushing or shoving. Never any striking*

It seems as though Goretzka was not in the mood for anyone's shit today.

That has to be tough when one of your clubs' all-time players comes up to and basically calls you a shithead in front of everyone.

I understand why they won't face punishment, shit like this happens in contact sports. You can't just go around suspending players for minor practice incidents. It's sad though to see so much infighting for such a talented club. It would be a real shame if this somehow impacts their upcoming game slate. Let's check their schedule this upcoming month to see if they have any big games to play.

It would be a reaaalll shame if this infighting continued in Munich. They have a date with Frank Lampard's blue and white army at the Bridge towards the end of February in the last 16 of the Champions League. You'd have to think that this is gonna impact Bayern's chemistry and give Chelsea the advantage. No bias, just facts.

PS- Here's a friendly reminder of the last time Chelsea played Bayern in the Champions League.

Big up the Chels.