RNR 24 - 20 Fights with NO HEADGEAR + Ring Girl Contest. Friday (4/19) at 8pm ETWATCH HERE

The NHL Is Bringing Their Most Veteran Ref Crew, The Head Of Player Safety, and The Head Of Officiating For Tkachuk-Kassian Round II


To Recap...

Those are big words. And they followed a couple of big and qustionable hits 

I can NOT wait. The NHL can call in the police, or the mounties, or the Canadian National Guard…it does.not.matter. This is a blood feud. It is going to boil over. When it's burning hot like it is now the Battle of Alberta is one of the best rivalries in sports. Ever since McDavid came into the league and the Flames underwent their rebuild hockey fans have been waiting for this moment. The moment when a dormant rivalry explodes like a volcano. The NHL will try their best to control it, but it's Rivalry Night in the NHL, or at least that is what NBC has been saying for years about Wednesday. For the first time in a long time that Wednesday Night Rivalry thing is real. Wednesday Night Raw, buckle up. Two of the best teams in the Pacific and they hate their guts. Stay up for this one.