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The LAPD Heightens Public Awareness With a Video About Zombies Stealing iPads

KTLA – The LAPD is apparently hoping to use the current public fascination with zombies to highlight the growing problem of thefts from vehicles across Los Angeles.zombies-lapdThe zombies are coming. And they want your iPad.” (Credit: LAPD)This is how the Los Angeles Police Department’s Northeast Division describes its seven-minute video posted to YouTube on Friday: “The zombies are coming. And they want your iPad.”The parody video is a public service announcement specifically warning residents about leaving electronics such as smartphones and tablets in their vehicles, describing the devices as “catnip for zombies.”“We’re launching a new zombie-themed, Hollywood-style video campaign designed to spread the word about stopping burglaries from motor vehicles,” a post on the LAPD’s Northeast Division Facebook page states. ”Although the videos are lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek, the message is clear: Lock it, Hide it, Keep it.”


Warning: This video is terrible.  Thanks for that heads up, LAPD. I’m glad you chose to use our time and money to let us know that zombies could pose a serious threat to our iPads.  Don’t worry about the dozens of murders that are in the news everyday, zombies are clearly the real problem around here.

At least they took the liberty of adding in some 70’s porn music and dropping a bleeped out “fuck” in the video. That’s pretty edgy and definitely gets the younger crowd interested in your shitty video.  Also, the cop that tried to do the Dukes of Hazzard hood slide should be fired immediately. That was the worst attempt I’ve ever seen.  This is Hollywood, if you can’t do it, find a stunt double. No one wants to watch you be a pussy.

It probably took them 3+ hours to film this, so at least that was 3 or more hours without their corruption on the streets, so that’s a win.