Guy Steals a Police Badge Then Gets Arrested After He Demanded a Discount on a Spray Tan

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News – A Bixby man is behind bars after wearing a stolen police officer’s badge while demanding a discounted spray tan and stealing tanning lotion, an arrest report says. Dustin Lee Bell, 25, had the badge on his sweater when Jenks police arrived to a tanning salon on Main Street, the report says. He reportedly claimed that he found it at a car wash in South Tulsa. Officers said it was a Sand Springs badge, and a call to the dispatch personnel confirmed it was stolen. The tanning salon manager said in a statement to police that the dispute began when Bell, who was wearing the badge visible on the outside of his sweater, demanded he only be charged $10 for a $34 spray tan. The manager said when he returned from calling police, he noticed there was a bottle of tanning lotion missing from behind the counter, according to the report. Bell was arrested, and during the booking and inventory process, officers found in his wallet a Sam’s Club card belonging to the Sand Springs police officer who had his badge stolen. Bell is facing charges of stolen property, larceny from a retailer and false impersonation of a police officer.

Cops get no perks anymore. What’s the point of being a cop if you can’t even get a discounted spray tan? That’s pretty much why people become police officers at this point- so they can get a nice bronzing. All the rest of the job is for the birds. Who cares about the murderers and the like? For sure nobody who gets what it means to be an officer of the law. Being a copper means looking good 24/7. Spray tanning place should be the ones getting arrested for not giving him the discount he deserves. So what if it wasn’t his badge? Pish posh. You see a badge, you give it the tanning it deserves. Making him steal the tanning lotion is ridiculous, but they forced his hand on that one.

PS: The fact he didn’t completely shave his head before going to get the spray tan is bothering me way too much. Just cut your losses buddy.