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The Hooded One Launches The Bill Belichick Foundation

CSNNEThe Patriots and Bill Belichick announced the launch of the Bill Belichick Foundation on Wednesday. As described by the team in a release, the foundation is “a nonprofit organization created to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial assistance to individuals, communities and organizations with a focus on the sports of football and lacrosse.”… The Bill Belichick Foundation appears as though it will be another way for Belichick to live out those ideals in the community. “My goal is to recognize, support and endow those with great potential who have a need for additional help and resources,” Belichick said in a statement. “Mentorship has been ingrained in our family and we take a team approach to just about everything we do. We have been helped by so many people and we look forward to helping others however we can by relating our experiences and life lessons through a variety of athletic programs and services.” As part of its launch, the foundation and Celebrities for Charity will raffle off a chance to win luxury suite tickets for New England’s Week 17 game with the Bills. The winner will be hosted by the Foundation’s Executive Director — and Belichick’s longtime girlfriend — Linda Holliday and will get the opportunity to meet Belichick.

Is there nothing The Hooded One cannot do?  Coach.  GM.  Lacrosse enthusiast.  Fashionplate.  SailorGolfer.  Orator.  Family man.  Roller skater.  Cougar slayer.  Genius.  And now we can add the label Philanthropist.  This latest endeavor of his to make the world a better place through football and lacrosse should stick in the craw of those who’ve made it their life’s work to drag this great man down, and who make it out like he spends all his time away from football pulling the wings off of flies or whatever.  But this news comes as no surprise to us true devotees of Belichickianism.  I still have in my house the SI issue from right after the Pats won their first Super Bowl.  And in it there’s a long interview with Jim Brown, who was in jail for his refusal to obey a judge’s order to do… some damned thing.  The point is, he was just being Jim Brown.  Anyway the interview turned to the topic of current black athletes and Brown’s feeling that they don’t do enough to help out their own people and advance social causes and so forth.  So he was asked who does.  Could he name one athlete who does step up and do his share.  And he mentioned one name: Bill Belichick.  Brown went on and on about how Coach gives his time and spends his own money visiting guys in prison, mentoring them and inspiring them to live better lives.  So it’s only natural that such a selfless, giving leader of men would put his efforts behind saving the world, one athletic program and service at a time.

On behalf of the entire Barstool family, I encourage all Stoolies to support The Bill Belichick Foundation in any way you can.  And I’ll buy some raffle tickets for sure, even though I can’t actually get to meet him and Linda in person because of some stupid court order I can’t discuss.  But in all seriousness, football and lacrosse are two of the best things my own kids have ever gotten involved with and deserve all the support they can get.  Besides, any charity he runs you just know will dominate all other charities for decades to come.  @JerryThornton1