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Reader Email - This Lady At Sullivan Square T Stop Screaming That All the Bus Drivers Are Cowards And Useless For Not Stopping in The Snow Storm Is Masshole 101


Reader Email

Last night on my way home from work I was waiting for a bus at Sullivan Sq T stop. 8 hrs into a snow storm I fully expected delays since the busses usually run late anyway. Check out this lady losing it as the busses drive by with their signs saying ‘No Service’. She was screaming, calling them “useless” and “cowards”. I waited 40mins for my bus and nearly lost some digits to frost bite but I wasn’t on this lady’s level…




This lady made me laugh out loud. Just such a Masshole. Like people want to know what makes New England people tick? What gives us our edge? This video sums it up. This is why the West Coast and South will always be soft. You can’t teach this type of mentality. It takes years of incidents like these. Sitting at Sullivan Square in a blizzard screaming at bus drivers that they are cowards for not stopping. Masshole 101.