Manchester United Fans Are So Pissed With The Team Struggling, They Shot Off Flares And Attacked The CEO's House

[Source] - A group of approximately 20 people aimed fireworks at Woodward's Cheshire home. A video posted on social media showed the vandals gathered outside the house in Cheshire chanting threats towards Woodward, who is married with two children.

Goddamn what a crazy move this is. It's not really shocking though, because we're past the point of ever being shocked when it comes to European soccer. But, imagine if this happened in the US. Knicks fans get kicked out of games for yelling sell the team to James Dolan. Imagine if people lined up outside of his house and shot goddamn flares and fireworks off at his house. Or did this - back in November, a Man U fan gave Woodward a fucking wet willy in the bar. That's gotta be the most emasculating thing that can happen to someone. 

The background here is essentially Man U fans are pissed at the club struggling and Woodward has been a mess as CEO. So the normal thing to do is try to oust him by attacking his house. I feel like this is a move right out of a movie or some shit. 

Now, obviously, we shouldn't have to say don't be throwing fireworks at people's houses. But we gotta take some advice from the people across the pond. When your team is struggling, you gotta find a way to force someone out. Again, don't throw fireworks at houses, but I'd do anything to find a way to throw James Dolan out. Might have to brainstorm with Clem to give him a double wet willy. That would be worth it. I want nothing more than to give Dolan a wet willy. 

PS: The fact someone named 'Gaz' posted the wet willy video makes it even funnier. Just stirring the pot as normal.