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Strangers Pull Over To Ask A Man For Directions, Then He Loses Consciousness And Wakes Up In The Hospital With A Shot Glass Shoved Up His Ass

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(Source) — Mr Liu claims three men pulled over in a van in the Deyang, Sichuan province in China and asking for directions before he lost consciousness. A man who had a shot glass shoved up his bottom by three strangers is making a full recovery. The man, known as Mr Liu, claimed he was walking home through Deyang in Sichuan province, China, when three men stopped next to him in a van and asked for directions. He lost consciousness and remembers waking up knelt behind the van with the strangers stood next to him, according to a People’s Daily article cited in Want China Times. He ran off and they didn’t follow him, but when he got home he noticed he was bleeding so rushed to hospital. An X-ray image revealed in a Chinese TV report on Live Leak shows the 5cm x 7cm glass which was supposedly inserted while he was unconscious.



Ooooook bro. Doctors must get a kick out of situations like this: guy comes into the hospital with an odd object shoved up his ass and an even crazier story about how it got there. It’s the 21st century, just say you’re gay and you were shoving shit up there to get off. No one cares. Or at least come up with something more believable than “Three random people decided to jump me, happened to have a shot glass on them, shoved that up my asshole then waited around for me to wake up. But I ran away and they were like ‘eh, whatever. Let him go.” I don’t even know how a doctor wrote that down with a straight face. “Butthole bandits attacked him and shoved a glass up his ass then just watched him sleep” on your file is fucking laughable.