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And...Michael Bloomberg Has No Idea How To Pet A Dog

And just like that Michael Bloomberg's campaign is over. I am sorry. This is America. I didn't think it was possible to fail at petting a dog, but here we are. Michael Bloomberg, billionaire, former mayor of New York, can't boop. I can't say I know one single thing about Bloomberg's platform, but if you don't know how to pet a dog then I can't trust you to be President. I've literally never seen someone pet a dog by grabbing their teeth and shaking their head. If I were Amy Klobuchar I would do nothing, but run ads in Iowa that is this video on repeat with that scary/dramatic political voice dubbed in. It's like he was raised on the moon. Just another robot politician who wants to be President so he can be "loved" since he can't even figure out how to get affection from a dog let alone a real human being. Canceled. 

This is how it's done