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Congrats To Comcast For Winning The Worst Company In America Award!

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BGR - Talk about incredible timing! On the same day that Comcast and Time Warner Cable are filing their merger proposal paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission, Consumerist has announced that Comcast has won its annual poll for the “Worst Company in America.” For the record, this is now the second time that Comcast has won this particular dishonor, as it last won Consumerist’s “Golden Poo” trophy back in 2010. This year’s award is very special for the company, however, because it comes just as it’s trying to do a major public relations charm offensive to convince American consumers and politicians that it should be allowed to merge with Time Warner Cable in a proposed deal worth $45 billion. If the results from Consumerist’s poll and of multiple customer satisfaction surveys are any indication, however, it looks like the American public isn’t buying it. It will be interesting to see whether Comcast addresses the fact that both it and its proposed merger partner are seemingly hated by their own customers but for the time being it looks like the company is ignoring the negative noise and is focussing its efforts on heavily lobbying both lawmakers and regulators in Washington, D.C. to help the merger go through without a hitch. After all, just because you’re the “Worst Company in America” doesn’t mean you aren’t well-connected.

You know how when a 1 seed beats the 16 and you kinda just nod and highlight the team on your bracket and move on? That’s what I did here. Least shocking news of all time. No shit Comcast is the worst company in the history of companies. We are talking about a company that has approximately 1 person in their customer service department. Ever want to find a reason to kill yourself? Call Comcast and try to speak to a human. It is one of the most impossible feats anyone has ever accomplished. It’s like 1) Climbing Everest, 2) speaking to someone when you call Comcast. They could begin using Hitler’s face as their logo and they would claim it’s all good as they stab your nuts with a rusty nail. Comcast is the dreck of society. I was ELATED the other day when Comcast had to come and they were only 24 minutes late. I began offering the guy who hooked up my terrible internet food and coffee because I couldn’t believe he was just a little bit late after the 2 hour window he was supposed to come. And he only watched 2 segments of Maury, with my internet turned off, before he got back to work. It was a Christmas Miracle!

That being said, this is a great reminder they are merging with Time Warner. I’ve had TWC before as well, and it very well might be the worst cable provider. The Flinstones had better cable than Time Warner offers. So basically, we are all fucked. What a funny industry where Verizon is considered the best available option. Please, Google, come take over the world and spare us.