UConn Did A Phenomenal Job Honoring Gianna Bryant Last Night

Last night was going to be a big night for UConn women's basketball before the tragic of events of Sunday. It was going to be UConn vs. USA in a game that featured both current and a shit load of former UConn women's basketball members thanks to the University of Connecticut having the best basketball program in America. 

Everything changed on Sunday and knowing that Gianna Bryant was not only a women's basketball star but also a UConn fan, she was going to be honored. The result was an absolutely phenomenal job done by UConn: 

Mambacita's life was all written out...go to a few ships....go to the a few more for a few gold medals just like her dad. Unfortunately, that was all ripped away. 

She loved being around UConn's team:

Kobe and Geno were slated to work with each other:

RIP to Mambacita.