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The Chicago Bulls Are One Zillion Percent Going To The Playoffs

I know the Bulls just won back-to-back games for the first time in a month but you gotta believe me when I say this team is destined for 8 seed glory. It's Bounce Back City, USA - Population: Jimbo Boylen. And he's got the boys rolling with some momentum after dropping 6 L's to start 2020. Since then, the Bulls are 6-4 over their last 10. Eat your heart out:

Momentum is at an all-time high right now, even if Lauri is on the shelf the next 4-6 weeks with something that probably could have been easily prevented. And while on topic, it's funny to think back on how many people wanted to kill Thibs for exposing his guys to injury through heavy minutes. And now that he's gone, injuries have basically tripled under Jimbo's watch. 

Fortunately with Lauri, we can just easily shift those minutes over to Luke Kornet

You laugh but Luke Kornet went for 12 & 9 last night while moving Boylen to a lifetime 2-0 against Greg Popovich. Probably part of the Bulls long-term strategy: Boylen matches up so well against the Western Conference GOAT'S, thus when the Bulls finally get back to the NBA finals, Boylen's the perfect guy. 

Nice Spin Zone Carl

Thanks. Nice bulge. 

And while I'm giving out compliments, let's talk double figures. 7 Bulls got there last night which is basically the only chance at the playoffs. But also why I'm willing to guarantee the playoffs. This is the type of basketball Gene Hackman fucking LOVED

Looking ahead, it's a heavy road schedule (but not awful) heading into the All Star Weekend

And no bullshit - regardless of Wednesday's outcome - I'll actually be excited for the Bulls to play the Nets on Friday. 

Carl why do you do this to yourself? 

Hold on a second 

I do it because I love the pain of being a Chicago sports fan right now. It makes me feel alive to guarantee the playoffs at the first sight of hope in 2 years and just days after our 2nd best player goes down. It makes me forget that I owe the Cubs $13 a month to replace the WGN Superstation and that Nick Castellanos just signed with the Reds for the cost of Ben Zobrist.

That's why I do it. 

Boylen's Bulls to the 8 seed. Write it down.