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Owner Gets Dog 100 Balls For His Birthday And Dog Is Extremely Happy

Yessssss.  Dogs brings us owners so much joy that it’s nice to see a dog be the one receiving the joy for a change.  That dog was fucking pumped about all those balls.  Even when the guy threw out just the one ball he was happy.  That’s what’s great about dogs.  They don’t need much.  One ball would’ve been fine for this dog.  That little rascal would’ve played with the one ball for hours and hours and been content.  But then when the owner dumped the other 99 balls the dog was so excited he ran away as fast as he could.  Once he got used to all the balls, he had a god damn field day.  Sprinting back and forth and having the time of his life.  If you did this for a cat they’d just continue to sit on the top of the couch and plot how to kill anybody and everybody who walked by.

PS- How about this fun hater in the YouTube comment section.

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