Jimmy Fallon Shares Story of 17-Year-Old Kobe Bryant Saving a Party With a Beer Run

What a great story.

I would loved to have been able to hear the conversation between a 17-year-old Kobe and a 21-year-old Jimmy Fallon on their way to get beer to save the party. And I can certainly imagine the authority with which Kobe showed the attendant his ID, because he wasn't leaving that gas station without what he went there for.

So many people have been sharing their stories about Kobe in the past couple days, but the one thing you can hear in all of them is how proud anyone was to be his friend.

It's still so hard to believe that Kobe and GiGi are actually gone. It's been both heartbreaking and somewhat comforting to hear all the people who knew them celebrating their lives and sharing their favorite memories of them, because it's still so hard to imagine that they actually passed away.

May they rest in peace.