Vernon Maxwell Will Never Stop Going In On The State Of Utah

Back in 1995, Vernon Maxwell quit the Houston Rockets after losing a single playoff game to the Utah Jazz. He has never stopped going in on Utah ever since that day, as that beef has carried over to Twitter and pops up a few times a year. Luckily for us, it appears he has no intentions of stopping any time soon.

You see, it's funny because while he's saying he is trying to mend his relationship with Utah he is actually just roasting them for being bad at sports. Classic misdirection by Mad Max here. The ol' slight of hand, say one thing while doing another. "This is the cream of the crop, the very best" *clang* *brick* *airball* "talent like this is hard to come by." The idea of him showing up at a random gym, sitting in the corner, taking a minute video and then leaving just for this joke is what I appreciate here. Not everyone has this level of dedication to a bit. Especially since this was uploaded via iPad, which is even more of an absurd visual. Some random old guy in the corner holding up his iPad like an artist's easel. I don't even care if this happened in Utah, the image of him getting out of his house, going to any gym, waiting for a minute of bricks and airballs and then scampering on home to remind people from Utah that they're from Utah is an A+ troll no matter how you wanna slice it.