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Wisconsin's Bad Boy Brad Davison Finally Remembered He's College Basketball's Villain With This Dirty Play

Finally. It's been far too long this season until Brad Davison did something questionable. Sure if you want to argue that it wasn't a 'direct shot' to the nuts, go ahead. But you can't watch this video and not know what he's trying to do here. I've had some #sources familiar the Wisconsin program tell me that this was a dirty play just to do my due diligence as a journalist and provide some unbiased bad boy takes. 

But this is what the college basketball season lacked. Brad was behaving too much this year. Maybe it was the fact he's not rocking the buzzcut anymore, but it took too long for him to do this. Remember him last year? 

However, that's not even his dirtiest plays. I'll never forgive Davison for being such a flopper he actually had refs call FIVE charges in one game. 

Or flopping so bad a ref called a foul and won Wisconsin the game.

I'm actually starting to find respect for Wisconsin fans. They've spent the morning arguing with me about how Davison's play wasn't dirty. You already saw your program peak, yes it happened against Kentucky. You beat 38-0 Kentucky in a Final Four before blowing your one shot at a national title. You know you're never getting back there. You know your life going forward is being a 4-8 seed every year and likely tapping out in the Sweet 16. So you're embracing villain life. That's where I respect you.

Shout out Brad though. Iowa -5.5 was a miracle.