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Masshole "Donnie Does China" Sneaks His Way Into The Ring For The Pacquaio Vs. Rios Fight In A Full Larry Bird Suit (MUST WATCH)



Our boy Donnie is back doing weird shit in China.   I’ve posted a couple of these videos over the years.  I think I even tried to hire his ass one time, but the dude is legit in China.  I have a hard enough time opening Barstool LA nevermind getting involved with the Commies and shit.  Anyway Donnie outdid himself this time sneaking into the fucking ring at the Pacquaio vs.  Rios fight and taking selfies in a Larry Bird suit.  Balls of steel on this masshole.  I’m not 100% convinced he didn’t bang that ring girl either.   I think she was buying what he was selling.