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Andy Reid Has Arrived To Super Bowl Media Day In All His Hawaiian Shirt Glory

If the phrase look good, feel good, play good can be carried over to coach good, I think we can call Super Bowl LIV a wrap right now because Andy Reid just dropped a Tommy Bahama Bomb on Kyle Shanahan's unsuspected head. Andy Reid looks as good as Tony Montana felt during the Push It To The Limit montage from Scarface.

I know that no NFL team has ever played a Super Bowl at its home stadium outside of the infamous 1994 Super Bowl where the Dolphins played at home vs. the Eagles follow the abduction of Dan Marino and Snowflake that the history books seem to have forgotten. But Andy Reid being able to get into the mahalo mindset of Island Time Andy is as close to a homefield advantage as we have ever seen.

Also for any Big J Journalists that are doing Winners And Losers Of Super Bowl Media Night lists, let me save you the trouble by pointing out that Andy Reid is number 1 with a bullet before things even got started.

P.S. The NFL calling his whole hullaballoo Opening Night is a bunch of malarkey and I personally don't care for it one bit.