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If You Were A Texas Fan Would You Want Nick Saban?

NCAA Football - 2007 AllState Sugar Bowl - Notre Dame vs LSU


So the word on the street is that Mac Brown will be stepping down/getting fired by the end of the week at Texas which obviously feeds into the Nick Saban rumors. Here is my question. If you were a Longhorn fan would you want him? For me the answer is an unequivocal no. Like if you told me I could have Nick Saban at Michigan I’d tell him to go fuck himself. I don’t care if I was guaranteed a National Title within 5 years. I don’t care how great of a coach he is. He’s just too slimy for me. I’d rather wait for Brady Hoke to win once in the next 50 years than just be another notch on Sabans belt.  I mean at some point just being a mercenary that goes from school to school loses it’s luster. Saban winning at Texas would never be about Texas. It would always be about Saban.

Don’t get me wrong if I was the administration I’d hire him no questions asked because he’s gonna make you an instant winner. He’s going to get huge TV contracts and bowl money. It’s a financial no brainer. But as a fan I wouldn’t want him. It’s like paying for sex with a hot chick.  Yeah it’s still great and you still get your nut off, but you got to shower instantly when it’s over. It’s just not the same.