Dude Punches His Ex-Wife In The Face After She Took His Beer Away

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BRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) – A Bridgeport man is being accused of assaulting his ex-wife because he said she threw away his beer. A press release said Melvin Gonzalez, 49, of 598 Park St., allegedly hit his ex-wife in the face after she took his beer away from him because she said he gets violent when he drinks. The victim said Gonzalez lives with her and that when he came home from work they got into an argument and he asked for his bottles of beer. Police said that the victim told Gonzalez that she drank them, when she really threw them away, and he allegedly hit her in the face and left the house. Gonzalez was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Well this is kind of a damned if you do, damned if you dont situation. When your husband drinks, he gets violent. And when you take away his beer, he punches you in the face. Real rock and a hard place when you’re dealing with Melvin Gonzalez. Its kinda like when you’re arguing with your girlfriend and no matter what you say, you get in more trouble. You’re trying to just apologize for whatever you did and agree with whatever she’s saying and all the sudden you’re in even deeper for yes’ing her to death. You’re just trying to avoid an altercation and next thing you know you’ve made it ten times worse. The only difference is that usually I just end up getting nagged and with Melvin you get knocked the fuck out.

Gotta be honest though – gonna put my Stephen A Smith hat on here for a moment – what is a chick doing taking her ex-husband’s beer? Isn’t that the whole reason you get a divorce? He gets to drink, she gets away from the drunk. Once those divorce papers are signed you can’t touch that dude’s beer. And judging by the results this time around, I’d say you shouldn’t want to touch his beer again.