Taco Bell Interns From 1995 Show They Invented the Doritos Taco In an Internal Compeition and Lost


Well that’s a bitch. Doritos Tacos only made the Bell around a billion or so dollars last year. But if we are being honest, I really don’t think we were ready for that shit in 1995. Taco Bell’s resurgence has a lot to do with social media and the Internet. In 1995, we were spiking our hair and frosting the tips..not exactly a prime Doritos taco look. But don’t think they didn’t have this planned out since 1995. You know how you might have a rainy day fund? And then you go about a week then spend it all on alcohol and cookies? Taco Bell is slightly more disciplined than that. They waited 20 years until the perfect time to launch the Doritos Taco. And it paid off in spades. So once again, the Bell is Bobby Fischer, and everyone else is a dumb kid sitting at Cracker Barrel begging his mom to let him play checkers.

And by the way, if they get any sort of monetary compensation from this, I want Ronald McDonald (CEO of McDonalds) on the phone ASAP. I invented the McGriddle well before they put it on their menu. I have been making pancake sandwiches since the day I was born.