Rate This Providence College Bro's House Party Video Which Has The PC Campus In An Uproar


I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about this video.  This Mylestone rapper dude just making Blackout parties look like a Sunday afternoon tea party.    What’s the over under on how long this video stays on the Internet for?   My guess is that it’s down before 3pm.    Like if I know school administrators like I think I do they are treating this like a 5alarm fire burning down the entire PC campus right now.  Like I’m talking a life and death situation to get him to remove it.  God forbid people actually get a glimpse at what a college party looks like on every campus in the country every weekend.  And yes this is EXACTLY how I pictured Manzo’s college years at PC.

PS – I’m sure Stoolies are gonna rip this kid because Stoolies pretty much rip everybody, but you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t have wanted to be at this party.   Lying.  Oh and red shorts.  Can we smokeshow you?  I didn’t want to be to much of a creep talking about the chicks in the video, but I am a smut peddler by trade.

Double PS – I love the little note about how no alcohol was used in filming this.  That can’t work right?

Triple PS – This video says its featuring MIMS.  Are we talking the “This is why I’m hot” MIMS?   Glad to see he’s doing well.