Gardner Is Fire Flames Hot Right Now


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Yankees manager Joe Girardi thinks most players have power. They just have to “learn how to use it better.” Brett Gardner must have been taking notes. The speedy outfielder has already set a career high with 13 home runs, good for 36 percent of his all-time total (36) over seven seasons. “He was hitting the ball hard before but getting outs,” Girardi said after Tuesday’s 12-11 win. “Now he’s hitting it out and hitting it down the lines.” Gardner — fresh off a four-year, $52 million extension — is 7-for-10 in his last two games, including three home runs, three RBIs and five runs. He also hit two doubles Tuesday.

Remember when I thought trading Gardner was a good idea? Boy was I wrong. In reality Gardner would have been great trade bait but right now he is delivering like no one else on this team has all year, while setting a personal best for Home Runs and staying healthy. I know it’s a bit of a stretch to say Gardner could be the next captain but he can fill the role of a veteran leader that this team needs.

So the question is, who’s to credit for this hot streak? Is it Girardi? Is it Kevin Long? Did Gardy just flip a switch? None of the above. Yu Darvish had the answer after last night’s game. “I just blame the parents of Brett Gardner,” he said, via ESPN Dallas. “I just blame them for creating a great hitter.” Such a great quote from and unexpected guy.

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PS: In other news, Vernon Wells is alive.